Songpa-gu Historical Souvenir, Sumaksae Tray & Incense Stick Holder

Songpa-gu Office & Seoul Design Foundation
Product Design, Package Design, Graphic Design
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above.studo designed historical souvenir, a Tray and Incense Stick Holder, for Songpa-gu with the theme of historical heritage 'Sumaksae'
↳ Research
Sumaksae is a rooftile-end-decoration which allow us to seek into the culture of the specific era of which it's made. The capital of Hanseong period of Baekje dynasty was located in Songpa-gu, which is a part of current Seoul. This Sumaksae was revealed in Pungnaptoseong in 1925, when Han-river overflood. Unlike the lotus patterned Sumaksaes excavated from Gongju and Buyeo, the Sumaksae from Songpa-gu contains various shapes such as coins, flowers, and tree branches with exquisite and splendid designs. It shows the outstanding art and cultural aspects of Baekje dynasty.
↳ Design designed a Tray & Incense Stick Holder with form of old rooftop of Baekje Dynasty. It can be used to hold various objects on top of it, including incense stick. On each side of the tray, you can place the magnetic rooftile-end-decoration with various designs.
↳ Development
Songpa-gu collaborated with the Seoul Design Foundation to plan and manufacture the Sumaksae Tray & Incense Stick Holder in order to convey the beauty of the cultural heritage of the Hanseong period of Baekje Dynasty and the scent of tradition in a friendly way in everyday life.
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