about above

Established in 2017
Based In Seoul, Korea
50+ Clients
We design through understanding
above.studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio.
Our work bases on brand identity of each client, broads through graphics, strategy, products and packaging, exhibitions and installations, digital experiences and so on.
We consider communication and understanding the most important in our design process, within every size of clients.
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↳ Our Value

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future
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By embracing empathy in design, designers can create products, services, and experiences that are more inclusive, user-centered, and meaningful.
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Viable & Practical

Finding realistic and executable solutions during the design process can bring the design into real life, evokes emotion and leaves a lasting impression on its users.
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Keeping the message simple in design, eliminating unnecessary complexity in design, offers clean and concise solutions.
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design above empathy