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Christmas Object for Starfield Library of COEX
↳ Research
↳ Design
SNOW PAVILION, inspired by the creation of snowflake, celebrated the Christmas of 2020 in COEX with its 900 modules stacked. Inside 900 modules that composes SNOW PAVILION, each and every one of them have different design of snowflakes. The inner face of triangular module are mirrors that reflects each other, and that creates beautiful dodecahedron space full with light patterns. The kindling modules are stacked on top of each other with small amount of tilting, which gives visitors to vary their experience of Christmas depending on their sights or positions.
↳ Development
In order to create every unique snowflakes, Above analyzed the categories of snowflakes and made design assets. Then we combined different set of assets to efficiently design snowflakes. Inside the triangular module, there are acrylic mirror on every face which reflects each other and results creating dodecahedron light patterns that create beautiful snowflake patterns.
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