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Sewoon Complex
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The Industrial Ecosystem of Sewoon-Euljiro-Cheonggye Looking through Prarts and Materials
↳ Research
Sewoon Complex, Euljiro, and Cheonggyecheon gathers many merchants, mechanical parts, and materials. In the retail and distribution ecosystem of Sewoon Complex, which takes over 70% of the complex, there are various industries such as electricity, electronics, metal, processing, machinery, sound, home appliances, and acrylic plastics which creates numerous products among our lives. Euljiro Industrial Encyclopedia exhibits over 200 different parts and 180 materials created in Sewoon Complex. Visitors can seek various values of the urban manufacturing site in the core of Seoul for long time.
↳ Design
This exhibition illuminates the ecosystem of the urban manufacturing with over 200 kinds of parts and 180 materials that can be purchased from Sewoon, Euljiro and Cheonggyecheon, and you can view information on the companies located in this area. In addition, we want to under stand the manufacturing field that has been with Seoul for a long time and explore various products made in Sewoon and interestingly manufactruing processes from parts to end products.
↳ Development
The parts library, which consists of about 200 parts obtained from Sewoon, Euljiro and Cheonggyecheon, expresses various product parts available in the area in a modular form. Each module is designed to have 14 angle changes, and as you walk in front of the space, you can experience the parts moving toward the viewer. It explains the purpose of use and the company purchased diretly from Euljiro, so you can look into the distribution ecosystem of Euljiro, which is closely connected between the parts and parts, parts and products, and meet merchants in Euljiro who are close to our lives.
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