Sewoon Light Festival

Seoul City, Sewoon Citizen Council
Project Plan, Sculpture Design, Installation
View Live Project
View Live Project designed and installed a sculpture for Sewoon Light Festival.
↳ Research
Even nowdays, people wish themselves good luck of the new year on the stars. January 2021, Above Studio presented the 12 zodiacs of the Ecliptic through 200 reflecting LED modules at Sewoon(?) Square, where many can visit and wish their luck and gave them special memories.
↳ Design
The Ecliptic is the path where the Sun passes on the celestial shpere. There are 12 zodiacs in the Ecliptic. For the ancients, when there were nothing but the moon and satrs in the dark night, the 12 zodiac was an important guide for predicting time, seasons and even their own destiny.
↳ Development
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