KNOT, Sound Above

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View Live Project
View Live Project designed a valve amplifier bluetooth speaker, collaborated with Meister Ryu
↳ Research
As time flys and technology evolves, valve amplifier seemed to be left behind. But its warm-soft sound and unique feature still touches our heart. Above Studio has consociated with Mr.Ryu, who is an expert of electronic devict automatic control over 50 years, to design and provide people KNOT, SOUND ABOVE.
↳ Design
Products these days do not only require its convinience or functionality, but also to be an object or furniture in the sapce it belongs to. KNOT contains both Mr.Ryu’s and Above Studio’s philosophy into the design. When it speaks, it sounds warm and soft. When it does not speak, it stands as an object feature which will take peoples attention.
↳ Development
The most important factor when designing KNOT, SOUND ABOVE was to give it a new outfit, while maintaining the sound quality. We kept the optimal empty-space for the amplifier, and still provided the functionality with outstanding appearance. The most unique feature of the desk speaker is its blind-like power switch. It’s drives people to turn on/off the product intuitively. When the blind-like power switch is turned on, which forms the blind to be opened, it subtly reveals the valve amplifier. This makes people to focus on the essence of the product. The stand-alone speaker is designed narrow and compact, considering it’s own purpose. It stands at the height of your ear to provide you the best experience of listening sounds. The CMF was decided in a way of reflecting history and craftmanship of Mr.Ryu.
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