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23' Gnomon Perpetual Flip Calendar
↳ Research
gnomon is a desktop calendar object that can refresh the beginning of your day. You can flip the day with your finger, which will change the date accompanied by a satisfying click sound. In the midst of the daily repetition, this small change made by your fingertips can bring the delight of embracing a new day.
↳ Design
The Perpetual Flip Calendar is an analog calendar that was used before the occur of digital calendars. ‘gnomon’ resembles the mechanism of perpetual calendar, which changes its date by simply rotating the head part of the calander. It does not require any other power source except your interaction through fingers. The heaviness, the unique sound it makes when flipping the date, matrials such as brass and acrilic body hamonizes your new experience.
↳ Development
Previous version of gnomon was made by local craftsmen, which was created with hands. In order to mass produce gnomon, detail parts of the calendar needed revisions. The joints and acrylic housings were redesigned to meet the requirements of mass production. This way it did not only made the process simple, but also reduced the costs.
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